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Enlightened ABA Therapy based on
your child's comprehensive assessment

Our Service Model

In-Depth Assessment and Enlightened ABA

We specialize in providing evidence based and leading-edge treatments for those diagnosed with autism and relating disorders. Using a thorough assessments of a child’s strengths and deficits, we create individualized treatments using “Enlightened ABA.” This model of treatment doesn’t rely on the overuse of drill-practice methods, instead focusing on naturalistic and play-based therapies that lead to sustained growth and true mastery.

Enrollment and Start Time

FBC has a one-week waiting list, but you are able to start the paper process and assessment package while being enrolled. Then you can get your child’s therapy up and running within 3 weeks, the average time from enrollment to getting your child’s ABA therapy started.

Once in the program, our specialties include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of skills and defects
  • Functional behavior assessment
  • Social skills development training
  • Verbal behavioral approach
  • Parent training and coaching

About Freedom Behavior Consulting

Serving children with autism since 1999

FBC founder Eric Frey is a BACB approved supervisor who has provided services, training and consulting to companies providing mental and behavioral health services in three states. He takes pride in his strong record of community service while also training, supervising, and sponsoring many persons in their efforts to gain industry credentials.

He harnesses the power of the parent-professional partnership and is able to combine his expertise and behavioral analysis methodologies with a parent’s knowledge of their children to achieve life-changing results.

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