Freedom Behavior Consulting

Tucson's Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Experts specializing in the treatment of Autism and Related Disorders

FBC specializes in using evidence-based ABA interventions to achieve lasting, positive changes in your child's skills and behavior. We will work with you to create an individualized, effective treatment plan that addresses your child's needs in every area of functioning.

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Individualized treatment programs for children everywhere on the spectrum.

Evidence-Based Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy Experts

Freedom Behavior Consulting’s  BCBA™ Clinicians and ABA therapy staff (RBTs™) employ leading-edge and evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis interventions which have been clinically validated to promote beneficial outcomes for learners of all ages.

FBC accepts private and state funded insurance. FBC makes sure that ABA therapy is affordable for all people, please ask about our financial scholarships.

Comprehensive Assessment of Skills and Deficits

  • Comprehension approach
  • Assessments and Solutions
  • Skills and outcomes
  • Deficits and awareness
  • Parental Guidance
  • Plan of Action
  • MileStones


Social Skills
Development Training

  • Verbal behavior approach
  • Environments
  • Enlightened network
  • Groups
  • Media
  • Extended family
  • Isolation
  • Travel
  • Management


  • Parent training
  • Parent coaching
  • Assignments
  • Group activities

Individualized treatment programs for children everywhere on the spectrum.

Our evidence-based therapy uses naturalistic, play-based interventions for quicker gains and long lasting skills. We’ll create an individualized plan for your child based on a thorough evaluation of their strengths and deficits and focus on building the skills they need the most.

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